Rain, snow, or sunshine, you’ve got a lot of work around the farm regardless and the Intimidator is your right hand. When you have to go out and do chores, you want to ride without the harsh wind or cold rain in your face. Bad Dawg’s Full Folding Front Windshield gives you the option of blocking the bad weather or folding it down to enjoy the fresh breeze of a nice day. Outfit your machine today with this accessory and make those outside chores a little less dreadful.

This windshield offers the flexibility to choose between a full or half windshield in one by having a clear folding strip that connects the two pieces of the windshield. The bottom gasket will contour the hood of your side by side to protect the body and seal the edges. The hood compartment is fully accessible because the windshield doesn’t block it at any point when installed. All hardware and instructions are included for a quick and easy installation.


Made from 1/4″ thick polycarbonate
Clear strip at fold doesn’t interfere with the view
Two windshields in one
Bottom gasket protects the body of the machine
Hood compartment completely accessible
Includes all hardware and instructions
Easy installation
Made in the USA


Models: 2014-2018 Intimidator Classic, Crew, and Truck (not GC1K)


Part #: 793-1040-10